Eat Well, Do Well, Live Well.

For Dipsa, this starts with snack time. Our products contain a unique blend of natural exotic dried tropical fruits, ancestral foods and various seeds containing a wide spectrum of nutrients without sacrificing flavor. 



The Taste of Wellness



Dipsa Snacks was founded by entrepreneur Luz Marina Rojas. A food engineering major at the age of 24 in Colombia, Luz’s dream was to provide healthy nutrition to communities, but wasn’t sure how. Her innovative spirit soon paved the way with a revelation- while there were many snack options that were high in saturated fats, sugar, and calories, there was not many healthy snack options for children on their school meals. Luz realized the impact that the absence of options could have on someone’s health, and resolved to find a way to deliver a new, natural, and tasty option to put children on the path to a healthier and more diverse school diet. As a person with an intense passion for making a positive footprint on society, she knew that the biggest difference she could make was with the health and diets of the youth of Colombia.