The Snack Time Project

Since its inception, Dipsa Food has been dedicated to work on improving the lives of low-income children through the provision of healthy nutritional feeding programs in Colombia. We firmly believe that children's nutrition is a very important contribution to the development of a country, and therefore we are aware of the social responsibility that comes with it. We have a huge passion for creating healthy products, such as snacks that use nuts and cereals, which provide children with the basic nutrition to help them with their physical and intellectual development.

Many of our collaborators are single mothers who come from humble sectors. We value their strength and commitment toward enriching the lives of their children despite their rough life experiences. The least we can do is provide a means of supporting their cause through healthy food options for their youth.

As we expand and grow as a company, our efforts to offer good nutrition to children will remain the same. We've made it part of our company's vision and strategy because we truly value the youth's development.




Adopting a healthy diet provides the body with all the essential nutrients to maintain health and feel good. For Dipsa, this starts with snack time.

Our products are natural, using exotic fruits, ancestral foods and wholesome grains to deliver a high quality product. However, we realize that the production process is not currently as good as it can be for the environment. In order to become a positive force for change, we must seek to not only care for the health of our youth and communities, but for the natural world as well. Without sustainable practices in place, we cannot continue to provide best quality natural ingredients.

Therefore, Dipsa Snacks aims to get some of our ingredients qualified as organic by 2020. We believe this aggressive goal is attainable with our organization’s force of will, innovative mindset, and shared passion for doing good.



Eat Healthier, Live Better